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Your Engineering, Consulting and Business Development Partner for your Injection Molding Business
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We support our customers with new innovation and cost effective solutions to accomplish our customer goals with best options in product/process development.
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Industry Experience
Our innovative mind and over 30 years in experience in highly complicated automation manufacturing is the reason that we are the right partner for you.
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Who we are

MATE, Inc. provides Engineering, Consulting and Business Development Services for the Injection Molding Industry and to its related industries such as injection molding tooling, injection molding equipment and automation.

MATE’s Team Members have been in the industry for 30+ years living the hands-on philosophy day in day out, to support your growth and profitability.

MATE’s business strategy is to become your first-choice Industrial and Engineering and Business Development Services Partner, supporting you in all areas of your Injection Molding Business, having the skill-set available for you at any time.

Our Vision & Mission is built on four fundamental pillars:

These four pillars play a central role in the company’s vision and mission statement, translating into the company’s business strategy.


What we offer

Engineering, Consulting and Business Development within the Injection Molding Industry is our expertise.

Business Development /RFQ

Beginning with a technological feasibility study, a contract review and a budgetary product calculation, we are able to fully support and manage your bidding and tender management process.

Injection Molding Process

As one of our core competencies, we can design and develop an injection molding process, including conducting on-site DOEs (design of experiments) for your reference and analysis for further investigation.


Automated turn-key solutions are always crucial for being competitive. We can assess, design and develop your fully integrated and automated injection molding and assembly process.

Injection Mold Tooling Sourcing and Validation

We're able to design and support you in your injection molding tooling build activities incl. a comprehensive Mold-Flow analysis and DFM (Design for Manufacturing). With our global network of quality tooling suppliers, we will design the most cost-effective, high- quality tooling, reducing the amount of correction loops to a minimum.

Supplier Management and Sourcing

The sub-component pricing for a comprehensive product calculation is crucial to being competitive and cost-efficient. Based on our qualified sourcing process, we'll work with your current suppliers or kick-off a new supplier sourcing process using our own industrial partner global network in Europe, Asia and the USMCA region.

Industrial technology Services

We fully support our client’s processes during the quoting phase, design, development or launching phase on-site at your facility being part of your team. We cover all areas such as Industrial Engineering, R&D, Design, providing and executing APQP activities and troubleshooting technical issues in serial production, that are stalling project success.

Restructuring and Turnaround Projects

We can assess your business and manufacturing processes with fresh eyes, recommending a comprehensive, customized action plan, providing hands-on support in implementing it with your Team and part of your Team. Having experience with this type of process ourselves, we have found out, that hands-on implementation, seeing us as part of your team, is key to gaining the acceptance and cooperation of your employees and a positive path forward.

Email Address

[email protected]

Phone Number

+1 (616) 469 7232

+1 (616) 469 7234

Head Office

401 Hall St SW, Suite 408 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503


Business Developement

John Rickfelder

Corporate & Business Development 

Kurt Schäfer

International Corporate & Business Development Europe / Eastern Europe

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