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MATE´s Team consists out of hands-on experts in their fields covering all business process areas within an injection molding operation such as:

Robert Koziel

Founder / CEO and President of MATE, Inc

CEO, Global COO, and President of global injection molding corporations; 13+ years of experience in growing, leading of global organizations within the injection molding industry; Former part-owner of an injection molding operation in charge of turnaround activities 

Areas of expertise: Strategy, General Management, Operations, Production and Quality, Supply Chain, Logistics and Sourcing, Continuous improvement

Julia Heiche

Co-Founder / CFO of MATE, Inc

Program/Project Management, Sales and Key Account Management, Program incl. Cost Estimation; 12.5+ years of experience injection
molding business with a global footprint developing tooling and automation suppliers

Areas of expertise: Sales and Account Management, Program and Project Management, Cost Estimation and Product Calculation, Continuous improvement 

Jacob Nettle

Consultant Quality Engineering / Customer Quality (internal)

Has been in the injection molding industry for more than 8 years mainly as a Quality and APQP Engineer within the automotive industry. Launching Tier-1 and Tier-2 products with key accounts within automotive and managing quality escalation with customers.

Areas of expertise: Quality Engineering, Quality, IATF 16949 Lead Auditor AIAG automotive core tools such as APQP, DOE, PPAP etc.

Steven Johnson

Senior Process Engineer / Engineering Services (internal)

Steve has more than 30 years of experience in injection molding process engineering, manufacturing engineering, automation, quality (plant and launch),
and operations management

Areas of expertise: Injection molding process & tooling engineering, manufacturing engineering, automation, and molding/auxiliary equipment. Master Molder® I & II certified, DFM, DFA, DOE, Plastics decorating

Colby Collins

VP of Engineering

Program Management incl. cost estimation, leading the launch and engineering teams for new products with key accounts within several industries; has been in the injection molding industry for more than 8 years

Areas of expertise: Program Management, Plastics Engineering, Cost Estimation, Quality Engineering, Tooling, DFM, DFA, DOE, Plastics decorating, Continuous improvement, AIAG automotive core tools such as APQP, PPAP etc.

Dierk Reinhardt

Consultant International Business Relations

Consulting in international business relations with manufacturing and
industrial partners out of Europe and the US. 20+ years of
manufacturing business experience supporting corporations with new
business ventures and startups

Areas of expertise: International relations,  business and corporate development, organizational and corporate structures

Michael Qian Feng

Consultant Tooling Design / Engineering

Has been in the tooling engineering business 20+ years, R&D, designing and building highly complex injection molding tooling for hybrid plasticmetal components. Owner of a tooling and injection molding manufacturing company

Areas of expertise: tooling engineering, mold-flow, design and
manufacturing of hybrid plastic-metal components

John Rickfelder

Corporate Developement

Has been in the engineering field and plastics manufacturing industry for more than 30+ years in several different managing and sales engineering positions.

Areas of expertise: Corporate Development, Technical Sales, Tooling and Engineering, Manufacturing, KAIZEN, Cost Estimation and Product Calculations

Steffen Heiche

Consultant Automation Engineering

In the automation engineering business for 15+ years, designing, building and programing highly complex automation lines within the injection
molding business of hybrid plastic-metal components and other
industries. Owner of an automation engineering company in Germany.

Areas of expertise: automation engineering, design, build and programming

Kurt Schäfer

International Corporate & Business Developement

Has been in the injection molding business for more than 50 years in several different managing and sales engineering positions.

Areas of expertise: injection molding of hybrid plastic-metal components and will be mainly developing new customers out of Europe and Eastern Europe with subsidiaries in the US

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